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Pastor Seumean Kuon

Releasing and Advancing the Kingdom

Pastor Kuon has developed, with the Lord's guidance, powerful and effective modules that are a part of the RAK ministry. He has a strong passion to equip every believer to be Released to Advance God’s Kingdom.  He believes that God will do great things through the body of Christ. This includes children, adults, and seniors from every nation.  He believes that it must start at home with parents who are walking in freedom. The parents are filled with power and passion for Jesus, and love for one another.  The children will grow into the mighty men and women of God that they were created to become.  This set of training is all about Releasing every believer to Advance God's Kingdom.  The title of the training is “Advancing His Kingdom” and is comprised of 9 modules. It’s easy, effective, and very transferable. Pastor Kuon is married to his beautiful wife Kei and has two amazing children.  

RAK offers free training to anyone that desires to learn more about Releasing and Advancing God's Kingdom. We are walking in the last days and the church will experience the greatest harvest of all time. It is time to walk in power so that we are able to impact the World. We have multiple trainers ready to equip every believer to Advance God's Kingdom. Contact us for more information.

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