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-Rebecca from Toronto,Canada

It’s been two weeks since you prayed for me. My relationship with my husband has never been so good. I found myself having lot more smile on my face and more relax dealing with things. 

After the releasing prayer, Pastor Seumean asked me to memorize and meditate 1 Peter 3:1-2, I knew these two verses before, but never felt it is easy to follow, and always tried to follow my own way to convince my husband. But after the prayer I opened the book again, I was so touched when I read it, I felt like every word was written for me. Ever since I started to obey that, our relationship has improved dramatically. Every morning, we have a good 30 minutes talk in our coffee time, and go out for a 45 minutes walk before he starts his work. when I start humble myself and listen to him, he listens to my opinion as well. We rarely fight for anything in the past two weeks. If I have anything to complain about him, my children stop me and God’s words remind me, so I stop complaining and he accepts my suggestion. It’s so easy not to have conflict in a relationship. Last Saturday,  I signed up for a full day Bible study event, my husband proposed to take the children out for a drive to give me some quiet time to focus on my study, and they had a very good time together.  

After getting rid of the disappointment with my son, I gain a lot of patience in homeschooing, and he in return shows more interests in learning the difficult subjects. He also wants to keep God’s words in his heart. 

I realize that if I often meditate God’s words and obey them at home, good relationship among family members become normal. And with their support, I don’t feel hard to find time and energy to serve God and others.

Pastor Seumean’s discipleship training shows me how to be a real Christian, and I want to be one.


Thank you.

-Kayoko from JAPAN


I have had trouble controlling my anger even after becoming a Christian. But after attending the training from RAK ministry, I learned how to release my anger. After my daughter saw my transformation, she said she also wanted to be healed and release her anger. After leading her through the prayer session, she transformed also. Through both of our transformation, my mother believed in Jesus. Later, my husband learned how to release his anger, and now we pray for each other if needed. My husband released the negative emotion and fear that he held towards his grandmother for a long time. His grandmother, who is 108 years old, now believes in Jesus and was baptized recently. 

Thank you, Lord.

-Pauline from Malaysia


I struggled with low self-esteem for most of my life. This affected all aspects of my life.  When things went well, I would be fine, but a small error or hiccup would lead me into a downward spiral of blame, guilt and negative rumination.  Though I believed in Jesus, I did not know how to deal with those negative feelings in me, and I constantly felt I wasn’t good enough.  But things changed in 2017 when Ps Seumean Kuon came to my church and taught about how Jesus is fully able to release me from all those issues holding me in bondage. I learnt that in order to walk in freedom and be pleasing to God, I had to remove all those things that kept me apart from Him.  Ps Seumean taught us practically and in a simple manner how we can come to the Lord in prayer and renounce the things that hurt and keep us in emotional pain.  Through following the prayer with other believers, I was freed!  It literally felt like chains were cut off in my spirit. Immediately after, I had understanding of what I read from the Bible, and verses I had memorised as a new believer years before came flooding back to me.  


My outlook on life completely changed.  I turned my back on my hurt, sin and guilt and lack, and came face to face with God’s restoration and fullness for my life.  It was simply a decision to make a turnaround to face God, and God did the rest.  Since then, I’ve been walking closely with Him, seeing His goodness in my relationship with my husband and our families, and also experiencing much greater boldness in sharing God’s love and values with others.  


-Yoh from Finland


I got a disease thirteen years ago that made muscle around my eyes unable to function normally.  My eyes closed automatically, so I had to quit driving cars, and riding bicycles. Even walking outside, and reading the bible became difficult for me. I needed to take the maximum amount of Botox injection every two and a half months. My daily life was not easy. Even though I prayed so much, my eyes never healed, so I was very disappointed and angry with God.

One day my sister participated in RAK ministry training in Japan. She gave me a call and prayed for emotional healing for me. I was a little bit disappointed because I thought “I need physical healing, not emotional healing.” But through this prayer session, my anger toward Jesus totally disappeared; and it never came back.

Because my emotion was healed, the situation of my eyes started changing. Now, I can enjoy riding a bicycle and jogging with my family. Also, I really can feel God´s love now. At the same time, my life with faith in God was changed. Instead of just reading the bible, I started meditating on Bible verses, listening to God and obeying, just like Pastor Seumean teaches.

“Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do the Lord.”(Eph5:22) I have read this verse many times, but I needed to ask the Lord about this verse. ”How do I submit my husband as I do the Lord?” The life of meditating, listening, and obeying changed me and my relationship with my husband. Our relationship seems to have a good influence on our children. I used to feel a big distance between Jesus and me, but now I can’t help but give thanks to Jesus because I can feel Him very close. God's words are alive for me.

-YoungJa Park  from JAPAN


After I turned fifty-years-old, a lot of trouble came all at once. I had relationship issues, I battled menopause, my mother got diagnosed with dementia, and the church I pastored was not doing well. While caring for my mother, I couldn’t stop getting irritated and blaming myself. I also lost my self-confidence and didn’t know how I should minister, so I had been depressed for three years.

One day, I heard of RAK ministry. Even before attending the training, I watched the video of emotional healing and spiritual deliverance. Now when I look back, I know that it was hard for me to accept my mother’s old age, but more than that, I could not accept my old age and forgive myself. I feared being alone after my mother passed away. After I got rid of the fear, instantly, a change happened within me. It was like cleaning up my heart. All the black clouds were gone, and the world became beautiful. It was May 5, 2019. I will not forget this moment for the rest of my life.

The most impactful change is that I am not irritated about my mother at all. Each time I see her, I feel love for her and how cute she is. Now I thank the LORD who changed me. I hope to be a real disciple of Jesus and produce disciples, so I’m also leading the repentance prayer. Some people who I prayed for also became leaders of the prayer and became a disciple. I have believed in Jesus for more than fifty years. But now it is not only about my knowledge - it has become real. I am ready to go anywhere if the LORD leads me.

-Lu-En from China


Today Pastor David Wong used this extremely simple method to help me in removing my stones. There is only one word to describe my emotions: great! I feel that I am free! I got rid of the mess in my heart. The sins, lies, deceit, negative emotions, self-rejection, fear, inner vows, etc., the expected and the unexpected, all moved out of my heart. As a sign of relief, I finally vomited a mouthful of something that I had not fully expressed for many years. I should say today, I am so grateful! And I can quickly and happily put these dirty things that suppress me into bags, boxes, envelopes, and handbags. Even if I can’t move them, even if I have to drag them to Jesus’ feet, I am willing, As long as I am no longer suppressed and I am truly free in Christ, I am willing!!! I was belching again, breathing heavily, and it felt like something that was stuck in my heart was loosening. It was so comfortable, I felt like I was finally standing up no longer needing to lower my head. I can raise my head, and I no longer feel that I can’t do well, I am no longer afraid, I am no longer disappointed, I am no longer angry, I am no longer suppressed, I am no longer sad, I am no longer feeling ashamed, I don't feel owned anymore but I feel that I had become free! I was interacting with God, asking and answering, hearing him say to me: "Child, don’t be afraid, just believe! Child, you are the best! Give yourself a thumbs up! Child, take your burden off yourself, I’ll take it for you, you are light!” There were better ones, which I did not expect, that help me identify and remove the root causes of my lies and deceptions (I’m not good enough, I feel powerless, Help, I feel desperate-it's meaningless to live, to wait) I feel that the Lord said to me: My child, I am your help, and I will always be with you! Do not be afraid! At this time, my mood is very good and grateful [streaming]! He has helped me return to my childhood memories and removed the influence of many lies on me that had lasted more than 40 years! All the pain! I am well now, starting today, I believe everything is new! Amen! The old things are gone, they are all new!

In addition, it also helped me focus on solving the problem of dealing with my relationships between my husband, mother, sister, and other family members. This method is so simple and easy to learn; it is affordable. It has cleaned our lives, and filled our lives and souls with the word of God! Praise be to God! This method of serving is simple and practical! Finally, the pastor blessed me and prayed that I would be anointed by the Holy Spirit, it was sobeautiful!! ! Glory to Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! Thank God! !!

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